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All donors from the old RuthlessDomain

XxTNTpwnerxX Admin
XxTNTpwnerxX @ Ruthless Domain
posted 46 mins ago
Dear RuthlessDomain community,

It has come to our attention that many of you want your old rank back from the old RuthlessDomain.

I'm here to tell you that that is not possible. Due to the loss of all the donation records from the old RuthlessDomain, there is no way of being certain that you donated or not. 

Sure, we can remember a few people, but not all of them. It wont be fair if some people got their rank back, free of charge, and others having to re-pay for their rank.

And also, another reason why we aren't giving the ranks back is because some people might try to cheap their way into getting more than what the used to have. I.E. Asdf was god, and only god. Now he's asking for God back, AND 500 MCMMO points. We can't let that happen.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

~RuthlessDomain Staff

Discount code!!!!

XxTNTpwnerxX Admin
XxTNTpwnerxX @ Ruthless Domain
posted Tue at 18:27
Welcome to Ruthless Domain!!!!

Due to the server opening this week, there is a current discount code that lasts until 12 AM EST, August 1st, 2014.

%45 <=== Code

45% off all donations!!!!!!

Welcome to Ruthless Domain!

RuthlessDomain Admin posted Sun at 13:32
If you're viewing this as of the date being 7/20/2014 then the server will be opening in just of couple of days! :-)

This server is based of it's old version (Ruthless Domain 1.5.2 Vers). 

Ruthless Domain contains many attributes including, PVP, Factions, Building and many, many more! 

Some things you should know about the server:

-Glitching into Bases is allowed!
- Nether WB (World Border) is 1,850x1,850
- OverWorld WB is 15,000x15,000
- End WB is 5,000x5,000
- We have many tutorials at /warp Tutorial
- We also have a YouTuber rank! (350+ Subs / Make a Promo Video of RD)
RuthlessDomain Admin Yes KoolAid, glitching into bases will be allowed due to it was difficult to raid without getting tps inside, betrayals ...
KoolAidBoy805 Glitching into bases is allowed???
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