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Hey guys! As I've said before and now I truly mean it! We are going down for maintenance  today! 
( 7:00 PM CENTRAL 8:00 PM EST - 9:30 PM CENTRAL 10:30 EST )

We are finishing everything that we can before the server actually starts up tomorrow. This will include many things such as, Donator-Shop, Tutorials, Ranks / Permissions (YouTuber), Shop Configurations, Faction Changes! (FINALLY) and quite a few more things. 

Another thing we'll fix is the silk-touch spawners.. We'll allow donators to mine it without a silk-touch pickaxe!

As well as enchantments. When you enchant at level 30 you get random enchants like sharpness 3, fire protection 3. We'll try to fix that!! 

Thank-You again! And I hope you enjoy the updates!!!

Trial-Moderators are picked!

RuthlessDomain Admin posted Sun at 21:37
Hi, the current T-Mods have been picked and will be moderated for the next 2 weeks. Allowing us to pick only 3 of the best mods of the TMods :)

Also, the server Voting Sites, PMC, and Reddit will be going up tomorrow! 

Current T-Mods:

- RadixMatrix
- Mpswagg
- k1lla92735
- killerkid08
- SoCalG805
- lukacapin

These are the T-Mods, only 3 will become Moderators! Luck to all!! Also, if one T-Mod gets demoted within the 2 Weeks, we'll accept a new T-Mod to replace that person!

Server is Currently Down

XxTNTpwnerxX Admin posted Sat at 16:07
Just as a heads up for everyone,

The server is currently down, due to the console panel currently not working right.

The hosting company that we are using is currently working on the issue, but I do not know how long that will take.

Please bare with the rest of us, as we are all anxious to get on.


UPDATE (2:00 PM EST 7/27/14)

Console is up, but it is refusing to connect to the minecraft server. This means that even if I try to start the server, it won't start it.

UPDATE (3:18 PM EST 7/27/14)

The server is finally back up!!!!! Enjoy the server!!!!

Dear RuthlessDomain community,

It has come to our attention that many of you want your old rank back from the old RuthlessDomain.

I'm here to tell you that that is not possible. Due to the loss of all the donation records from the old RuthlessDomain, there is no way of being certain that you donated or not. 

Sure, we can remember a few people, but not all of them. It wont be fair if some people got their rank back, free of charge, and others having to re-pay for their rank.

And also, another reason why we aren't giving the ranks back is because some people might try to cheap their way into getting more than what the used to have. I.E. Asdf was god, and only god. Now he's asking for God back, AND 500 MCMMO points. We can't let that happen.

This means, that there will be NO refunds for ANY ranks, for those who possessed of said ranks on the previous RuthlessDomain server. Sorry, but it has come to this.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

~RuthlessDomain Staff

Discount code!!!!

XxTNTpwnerxX Admin posted Jul 22, 14
Welcome to Ruthless Domain!!!!

Due to the server opening this week, there is a current discount code that lasts until 12 AM EST, August 5th, 2014.

%45 <=== Code

45% off all donations!!!!!!
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