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Advertising, and free money?

RuthlessDomain AdminOwner posted Aug 11, 14
Yes you heard it! If you post on our Minecraft Forum's Thread page you'll receive $15,000 IN-Game!
How to do it? Well it's easy you'll go down below and click and register on Planet Minecraft's Forums. You'll post a reply on our page including 1 - 2 constructive feedback, and one telling how you feel about the server and if you enjoy it. And if  you do want the $15,00 post your IGN at the end of the reply!

Also, sorry voting as been delayed there's a bug with our IP and it'll be tooken care of very, very soon!
And on other notes, we've requested a page onto the Minecraft-Forum's Home-Page showing"thousands" of people Ruthless Domain!

Where to go:


Note: The thread will be checked every 12 hours so please do not complain if you haven't received your money yet!

~ Thanks-you - Ruthless Domain Staff
Author: Carsondury166
RuthlessDomain AdminOwner Please read-read the directions Dylan42o. You didn't do as you wold ...
Dylan42o yaya give me 1500

Server is back up!

RuthlessDomain AdminOwner posted Aug 11, 14
I know I said 30 minutes to an hour... yes I know it was around 8 hours. My ISP decided to hate me and my Upload and Speed drop to half of a MB and usually it's around 40 - 75MB upload, and download. So I really do apologize. 

Once-again we're sorry! :)

Server Upgrades!

RuthlessDomain AdminOwner posted Aug 10, 14
The server will be down for only 30 Minutes - 1 Hour to finalize backups and fix factions so we can transfer hosts! I know I said there won't be downtime but it'll be faster for me to get backups made when the server status is stable. We'll try to get server back up as fast as we can!

New Hosting!
Yes our new hosting is quite a bit better! They have just an hour response time in Support Tickets and always someone on Live-Chat! 

We've upgrading to Unlimited Player Slots (Will keep at 150) and 16 Gigs of ram! Also including; unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and yes unlimited storage. Meaning that our memory won't sky-rocket too 80 - 90% everytime people are on server! :)


  ~ Ruthless Domain Staff Members!
Author: Carsondury166
DulyDoo car, when will this ever start again? Im so eager to join this server! it's my favorite one! . Thanks so much for hostin ...
FreeWillie12 Car I have been having trouble with lag while I pvp. Will this fix that lag?

Factions Upgrades & Much More!

RuthlessDomain AdminOwner posted Aug 8, 14
Hi, as it come to my attention I hate the current faction versions we have, as does everyone! We'll be upgrading our factions to the old version (1.5.2) so we don't have the warps,truces, and crap like that. This will be happening on the 10th of August. So we please warn you to sethome at your /f home, because factions will require a reset.

** And on another side note within the next few days the server will be taking longer to join due to having a proxy setup enabling it so we can remove as much TCP, UDP traffic as we can. (UDP, TCP are types of DDoS Packets). Also with the proxy joining we've currently purchased 160 GBPS DDOS protection also proving protection against UDP, TCP, NTP, SYN, HTTP, DNS, sUDP, HTTP-Get, HTTP-Post, Home Connection Attacks) also just many more. This will also remove AMPed attacks meaning reflected ddos attacks enabling their DDOSer / Booter / VPS / Dedi what ever their ddosing with would hit up to 5x as hard. But we'll be working out all this within the next few days!

Thanks for reading!!
RuthlessDomain AdminOwner Also hope you under stand the server is NOT going to 1.5.2 V.. only the Factions.
blindeye56 @ Ruthless Domain
Wowow 1.5.2!!! That's crazy pvp back then is harder with knock back.
martijnschutrups Mod Sounds so dang smart the last one. And nice factioooons ...

Server's Back up!

RuthlessDomain AdminOwner posted Aug 4, 14
Hi! The server is back up I've given you all $15,000! I'll give you all 100 mcmmo later! :) Sorry about that. :( The only difference is that MCMMO is from2  days ago :)
blindeye56 @ Ruthless Domain
oh ok I still be my 100 mcmmo btw lol
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